This project is a visual presentation, or rather a literal translation of the 80s Pop song “Hip to Be Square” by Huey Lewis and the News. I remember listening to this song as a teenager and wonder what it meant to be ‘square’.
This project intends to play with the word ‘square’ visually and conceptually in a nontraditional way.
One of the main challenges of this project was to find a model that would be relevant to my concept. As a result of such difficulty, I decided to digitally paint and construct the figures so they portray the values I was originally looking for in models. Since 2009, my work has been influenced strongly by the Russian artist, Oleg Dou whom I admire greatly. Simple, clean-cut portraits that leave the viewer in awe. I have tried to bring some of those mystic elements into my work and marry them with the concept.
The word –square- is at the core of this project, both visually and conceptually. The figures not only put on gears that are shaped as squares but they themselves have flat and natural emotional expressions. I came to the conclusion that deducting curves from facial features will result in reduction of emotions expressed by the figures. So the ‘squareness’ of the figures emotionally and conceptually are rendered in a cold, emotionless, genderless, and machinelike way. For better or worse this might be the face of a tomorrow that industrialization brings us. And project may be a Robot Fashion inspiration!
The question that will be left to be judged by the viewer is, is it hip to be ‘square’?
Hope this project inspires!

The End!
Thank you for your attention

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